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Getting Frisky~ -A Soriel Fanfiction-

Getting Frisky~ -A Soriel Fanfiction-

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The S.S Soriel By Soriel_Shipper Updated Sep 08, 2016

All the monsters have been living on the surface for about 5 years now... And the spooky scary skeleton of bad times and the goat of moms have been getting romantic feels for each other...

Lay_Love1003 Lay_Love1003 a day ago
I'm hoping there's a part where Asriel is like "ITS NOT A PHASE MOM!" Plz let it be in there...
Phantomuser1967 Phantomuser1967 5 days ago
Idk y everyone hates asgore I mean I get it he hurt goat mom and the innocent fallen children but he was doing it for his kingdom! I really don't blame u guys I mean he's ashore but WHAT WAS HE SUPPOSED TO DO??! *sigh* sorry that just really gets me worked up...
gay_katsudon gay_katsudon Sep 02, 2016
Asriel is emo, Chara and Frisk ship soriel, Asgore is now ASSgore...
SorielAlphdyne SorielAlphdyne Oct 10, 2016
I love this already.....and I havent started reading the fic yet
                              That means something awesome.
                              Embrace it, Soriel_Shipper
RedCynder1234 RedCynder1234 Jun 20, 2016
"I love this already" *goins in soriel fangirl shipping and puts on soriel gasses* "let's do this!"
Pokefan3942 Pokefan3942 Dec 18, 2016
Assgore is EGG XACTLY how i spell his name (no seriously everytime my friends get me to guess the worst guy in undertale. I spell it out