See You Smile » Nico di Angelo

See You Smile » Nico di Angelo

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"How come I've never seen you smile?" I asked him.                                              "I don't smile..." He answered plainly. "Right." I say unconvinced. "It's true!"  He argued. "Why don't you smile then?" I ask curiously.

"There's nothing worth smiling for..."

no offense, but i feel as if its kinda cliche when reader-chan, or the main character is great at singing, preforms concerts, or anything singing related. other than that, great story.
'They dragged me' wow just wow. Ur my prisoner now, deal wit it
I would have one yesterday by fall out boy. But I can settle for this.
Ok, I can tell this will be the best Nico x reader that I have read yet because of the beginning. That's my favorite song 🤣
janelerae janelerae Dec 10, 2016
MynameisNeeks MynameisNeeks May 23, 2016
me: *sings*
                              monster: hi
                              me: YOU CAN KEEP YOUR CARS AND UR JET BLACK HUMMER WON'T SEE ME AGAIN UNTIL NEXT SUMMER (hawk nelson song lyrics)*runs away*
                              monster: r00d!