You Don't Know Me

You Don't Know Me

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Alexandra Callop isn't so 'typical' as you may have thought. Those who don't know her think she's an average teenager. Little do they know what she's really like.

After losing her mother in a due to cancer when she was only a baby, she winds up being the only girl in her household. Living with two brothers and her father. She has learned to cope with them over the years.

She is a master gamer, a killer skateboarder, pretty good in sports, and great at combat. They just don't know how much she is under estimated. She calls herself a tomboy, and she isn't wrong.

Watch how Alexandra reacts when she finds out how much she is underestimated because she's a girl. Getting treated like the helpless princess.  She troubles through school, bullies, love, and more in the book 'You Don't Know Me.'

This book does need editing just like every other book, and I will edit when it's over, so don't worry.

Warning: contains coarse language and implications of alcohol

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GenPacker GenPacker May 29, 2016
Just looking out for you... Don't mean to be rude or make you feel bad about your book... But I think you mean our. Once again your creative writing is amazing and on point, this is my favorite of your books!!!
GenPacker GenPacker May 29, 2016
I think you made a little mistake here. But so far I love your book!!! You gave your characters some relatable personalities
XqueenleahX XqueenleahX 3 days ago
i agree. I'm not gonna lie I'm actually a girly girl but I'm good at sports if i actually try tbh.
GenPacker GenPacker May 29, 2016
Me too you didnt babble on btw... Its just how your character is... And I live it
Packwolf2004 Packwolf2004 Dec 31, 2016
If I was you
                              I'd wanna be me too
                              I'd wanna be me too
                              I'd wanna be me
                              I'm sorry everyone was saying "me too"