Raven's little sister 【Robin X Reader】

Raven's little sister 【Robin X Reader】

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Mira ( ^ω^ ) By blackveilheart Updated Aug 24, 2016

《Normal POV》

"Father!! Please" you exclaimed clinging on to his arm trying to protect you sister from you the king of the underworld, your father. 'Raven...listen to me I have a plan but your not gonna like it' you used your telepathy to communicate with Raven "Father! You let Raven leave and I'll stay here! And become your weapon of disruption" I shouted at father, I looked up at him as he rubbed his chin "fine" I looked back at Raven and mouthed 'I'm sorry' as everything turned to black, now Raven is no longer in this hellish realm...

【Raven's POV】   

I stared at (y/n) as she made a deal with father for my freedom. Normally it is meant to be the oldest to become Father's weapon but even when we were children our power is almost equal to the same.
'As the legends says the two children of the demon and the queen will be the children of light and dark. The oldest will be the child granted the power darkness and the youngest will be granted the power of light, together they will bring...

Green elf boy? Omg that makes me think of a two foot tall green gnome with pointy ears!😂
Chuckles52 Chuckles52 Jul 02
😳😳😳    Ummm...... I'll just be going now..       *Backs away slowly*
*takes a sip of bleach from glass* thanks! You made me think of Robin like this.
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rave_ren rave_ren Aug 21
This if funny because, my name is Raven and Raven is my sister. So both of our names are Raven.😂
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Guys! He was just doing the fortune teller game. He got something good with y/n and he said yes. 
                              You guys have dirty minds
                              (Insert lenny face here)