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Dark Skies

Dark Skies

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Ella By ellzx13 Completed

Min Yoongi had been my boyfriend for 2 years up until this day. 
Up until the truth came out that I had cheated on him with one of his closest friends, Park Jimin. 
I stood up with shaky legs and walked over to my window. Seoul had been sunny all day, the sky clear and blue and the air fresh. But now, as I looked out of the window onto the city, all I saw was dark skies.

Sorry but i just burst out laughing 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Imjaejaekhyun Imjaejaekhyun Oct 16, 2016
Just remembered dere is a girl name Rihanna in my church😂😂
greyynniy_ greyynniy_ Sep 02, 2016
Huh?!!Why that girl doing yoongi like that..its hurt you know
-btsfics -btsfics Aug 21, 2016
Damn , girl but you need understand that yoomin >>>> anything 😏
ePrinz1999 ePrinz1999 Sep 05, 2016
:( it sounds so sad, I'm really curious what they were texting each other
_JeonCena_ _JeonCena_ Sep 03, 2016
You could have broken up with the guy first instead of twotiming