septiplier x reader **UNDER EDITING**

septiplier x reader **UNDER EDITING**

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Derpy By Ordinary_Derpster101 Completed

(COMPLETED) Mark and Sean finally got together after a while of being friends, one thing lead to another and Sean moved to L.A. To live with Mark. But what happened's when they find a baby on their door steps. 

This is a Septiplier fanfic, if you don't know who Markiplier or Jacksepticeye is then go check them out. 

Enjoy! ^3^ 

(The cover belongs to me)

loveann13 loveann13 Nov 02, 2016
Omfg XD Mark! You know Sean's better than that...*whispers* at least he knows how tomyse a condom
emokid_0901 emokid_0901 Nov 13, 2016
I can see mark pushing jack in the basket and jack screaming to narnia
Amazin_Amy Amazin_Amy Dec 18, 2016
Yup it's true we babies can be lazy shits whenever we please
ILoveAnti ILoveAnti Oct 22, 2016
that would be amazing, seeing mark and jack run around aby r us, and btw mark great job making a bottle
Signe_Delta Signe_Delta Dec 19, 2016
Just imagine Mark and Jack in a shopping cart and the cart is moving by itself as Mark holds Jack like in the movie titanic and Jack is holding Y/n like in the movie lion king, and the other customers are like "WTF????"
wailord222 wailord222 Dec 14, 2016
What did Sean say about the cursing?!! My gosh mark! Watch ur language