septiplier x reader **UNDER EDITING**

septiplier x reader **UNDER EDITING**

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(COMPLETED) Mark and Sean finally got together after a while of being friends, one thing lead to another and Sean moved to L.A. To live with Mark. But what happened's when they find a baby on their door steps. 

This is a Septiplier fanfic, if you don't know who Markiplier or Jacksepticeye is then go check them out. 

Enjoy! ^3^ 

(The cover belongs to me)

  • adorableness
  • baby
  • comedy
  • fluff
  • romance
  • septiplier
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Randompotatoalien Randompotatoalien May 02, 2017
It's funny that no one in the comments are even thinking about the fact that someone might be looking for the baby and Mark just decides to keep them xD
Widdywad05 Widdywad05 Nov 06, 2017
Name= sasha
                              Hair=dark blue that you can see very well
                              Skin=pale LIKE PALE
WolfMadness7 WolfMadness7 Aug 10, 2017
😂😂😂😂😂That's how you tell the truth kids😂😂😂😂
WolfMadness7 WolfMadness7 Aug 10, 2017
Name: Mya
                              Hair Color: Black
                              Eye color: Blue
                              Skin color: Fairly toned
                              Hair color: light brown
                              Eye color: light blue
                              Skin color: pale 
                              This is what I look like in real life
IveNeverEatenATaco IveNeverEatenATaco Sep 02, 2017
Name: Milana
                              Hair colour: dark brown 
                              Eye colour: dark brown 
                              Skin colour: olive
                              I literally look like female markiplier irl, no joke