It All Started With You (Tony Perry) *COMPLETED*

It All Started With You (Tony Perry) *COMPLETED*

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Beth Robinson By mediagirl94 Completed


Gabriela Fuentes, that's right Mike and Vic have a little sister and are very protective of her. 

Tony Perry, guitarist for PTV only knows one rule *Gabriela is off limits* but that doesn't stop them from falling in love and breaking all the rules.

pinkiebabe pinkiebabe Apr 27, 2016
I love how protective they are...though it will probably come back to bite them in the butt later :)
pinkiebabe pinkiebabe Apr 27, 2016
I'm internally screaming as to not wake my housemates...Tony is my precious bae and I can't wait to get hooked :)
DemDifferentStories DemDifferentStories Apr 11, 2016
jillian_rose_07 jillian_rose_07 Nov 27, 2016
Haha I have a sister that's 5 years older and a brother that's 4 years older also a younger sister by 5 years so all the girls are at least 5 years apart😂👍🏻💯
this is me and my best friend seriously im a turtle hes a panda
GoldunGays GoldunGays Apr 11, 2016
*cough cough* stop pretending *cough cougj* you are child! *cough cogh*