Ursa Major (Sans X Reader)

Ursa Major (Sans X Reader)

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Im_SANSational By Im_SANSational Updated Jan 05

It had been a couple months since your little sister went missing. Guess how surprised you were to see her on the news with the headline "Young Girl Helps Monsters Escape". When you meet the friends she made in the underground you can help but  to love all of them, especially a skeleton with a love for puns and stars.

Sorry I'm not that good at summaries X3 
This is my first story so please tell me if I misspelled anything.

I view frisk as a female  so I apologize if you view them as male or both.

FallenRainbow49 FallenRainbow49 18 hours ago
I just followed because of the username haven't even read the book yet!
NinjaBinja NinjaBinja 3 days ago
Why would I wear makeup I'm a super tomboy.
                              I don't even brush my hair sometimes.
so he's like me and getting in hit in the face with soccer balls, basket balls, volley balls, kick balls and pretty much any ball around that size?
"Good thing I decided not to put on makeup"
                              *le gasp* squoose me?
I'm sorry but I am 100% imagining I'm working for Bobs burgers
_Homestuck4life_ _Homestuck4life_ Dec 12, 2016
"People who cry aren't fine"
                              If that were true I'd be crying all the time out of a depression-like state.