She Is Reborn

She Is Reborn

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- ̗̀OMEN CHILD ̖́- By MariaBlisse Completed

✖  Hiraeth is the 99th reincarnation of the sin-plagued first woman, Eve. Thus, she is forced into submission, and the strange ability inherited from her progenitor - being able to exorcise demons - is exploited in the demon-infested land of Wea.

Too soon, Hiraeth finds herself needing to fulfil her most essential Wean role - becoming a wife and conceiving a child hopefully heralded as the 100th Eve.

Her suitor? Adam, the one with a broken soul.

But Hiraeth will not be pulled into this negotiation without kicking and screaming until her throat bleeds. Especially not when she has a demon with a shit-eating grin on her side and her own will to survive.

God bless these sinners.

(caution: violence, blood, profanity, badassery)