P Is Silent.

P Is Silent.

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Nandipha By nandie0 Updated Jun 20, 2018


" You know what, I'm not gonna be one of those bitches who will walk away after confessing their love, I can see it in your eyes Grey, this isn't a Disney fairytale, if need be then I will be your princess on a horse, I will save you from all of it. I will fight, I will even wait for you in my pj's if that's what you want, but I promise you I won't leave unless you tell me to, well even if you asked me too, I will still need to think it thrice before leaving."

She turned to head out of the room, it was then that I felt like a bucket full of ice was being dropped in my pants. My hand had moved to her shoulders to stop her.

 "I.... I.. I'm afraid Vero, if you leave me I would...." 

she turned so fast and pulled me into a bone crushing hug and for the first time in a long time-maybe never- I felt at peace and at that moment I wanted her to keep it, I wanted her to mend it and when it was healthy and beating I wanted her to have it. I was giving her the one thing I guarded the most

My heart.