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Soul Eater RP

Soul Eater RP

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Make a OC for soul eater and roleplay!
@Evieruvie made the cover. She is awesome at covers! You should ask her to make you one!

Demon_Rojas_0122 Demon_Rojas_0122 17 hours ago
Yuki Komaeda 
                              White hair in two low pigtails,grey eyes,pale skin, two piercings on each side on bottom lip
                              Quiet, shy, serious, childish
Name: Samuel Stein
                              Age: 16
                              Looks: Samuel wears his grey hair in a scruffed pattern, Samuel normally wears a stitched sweater, He also wears the same lab coat design as his father
                              Personality: Caring, Intelligent, Strong
                              Other: None
                              Species: Human Meister
Name: Poppy Alburn 
                              Age: 15 ( Makas twin, but younger by a few minutes)
                              Gender: Female 
                              Weapon type: Gun Slayer, can basically turn to any type of gun
                              Partner: None yet
                              Personality:Nice and caring, optimistic, energized. She will she cold and blunt when needed though
                              Weapon/Human/Meister/Kishin: Meister
                              Partner:None (for now)
MitsuoAsuka MitsuoAsuka Jul 18
Name: Alice
                              Age: 14
                              Looks: Brown shoulder length hair, green eyes, caramel skin 
                              Personality: Sweet, kind, stubborn, childish, intelligent 
                              Species: Weapon