Narrated ((Thomas Sanders X Reader))

Narrated ((Thomas Sanders X Reader))

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💐Heart Eyes💐 By wiibbles_ Updated Dec 12, 2017

Meeting at the park...
First dates...
And awkward conversations with the families...

All in this book! Where you and Thomas Sanders are shipped by me and forced to do whatever this fanfiction tells you to. 

Haha, enjoy it though!

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SunStar_45 SunStar_45 Oct 06, 2017
Maybe but I say yupperdoodles all the time so I might be on drugs
From my extensive knowledge of fanfictions, it's either an abusive parent or an ex.
cheeseus_christ cheeseus_christ Nov 08, 2017
I'm on drugs and I say yupperdoodles all the tim- wait I was supposed to give you confidence!
I wasn't thinking dirty until i read the comments
                              thanks guys
XPanicAtThe21NatesX XPanicAtThe21NatesX Dec 13, 2017
                              So I use the name I have on almost all of my accounts: XPanicAtThe21NatesX
                              Ha! I DEFENETLY  have a vine account!
                              I’m not a looser...
                              *coughs violently*