Prince of the Courts

Prince of the Courts

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Lovingly based on a world (and some characters) created by Cassandra Clare.

Prince of the Courts takes place 25 years after the Cold Peace is signed at the end of City of Heavenly Fire and follows two new main characters through the Faerie Courts, the Mundane world, and the side of Downworld you've never seen before...  Join Rayce and Sera as they cross paths with some familiar faces and test the limits of what it means to visit the sins of the father upon the son.

Amazing cover and chapter art created by @shadowhunters-inspire-me on Tumblr, or @em.morgenstern on Instagram  -- Follow her for more amazing Shadowhunter edits!

The cover looks like something you'd find on one of the actual books
OMG FANGIRLING THEY HAVE A SON!!!!!!! CD and I think Clary and Jace are probly going be NNNOOOO!!!!! Then Clary will also be like: Wait so I have a nephew and I'm like MIND BLOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh great. Now we have a demonic fairy with daddy issues to deal with
Uuugghhh this kills me! When you ship Mark and Kieran, but you can't forgive Kieran for what he did to Emma and Jules so you're stuck between absolute hate and your love for him cause he is sooo cute and desperately in love and his hair is my favorite colors I need some feed back just look through and tell me what needs to improve please!!!