Our Utopian Dystopia

Our Utopian Dystopia

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Intoph Capryl By ChapterSeven Completed

All Mikavik can remember is trying to live in the ruins. The dilapidated city that was once a proud nation, reduced to almost nothing by the bombs. As if his life weren't hard enough, he also had to hide from The New World. One look at what was on his shoulder, or wasn't for that matter, and he would be better off dead. But they won't get to him, he'll end them first. Even if Stefan Markinson tries to stop him.

Stefan would hate The New World if only he didn't understand their motives.

Because the bombs were dropped for a reason.


Stand alone continuation to Minority Suffers.

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fuicodivita fuicodivita Oct 18, 2017
Your cover is amazing. I'm actually in love with it  ❤️✨
JakeKun_ JakeKun_ Mar 30
Oh my god! I really love this. The imagery you use makes me hooked on what’s happening. I also like Lloyd’s protective personality!
NayaCat1 NayaCat1 Oct 09, 2017
I see so many claim their work is copyrighted but when I check the copyright register it isn't.
                              Just a heads up. Ya gotta register it.
SpiderPrincess SpiderPrincess Nov 03, 2016
                              I like your writing style; it flows and is nice to read. The opening really greats a sense of mystery and draws readers in. Great job with that!
twistedhatter- twistedhatter- Nov 12, 2016
I love the way it started. The descriptions are beautiful are remained so throughout the chapter. I enjoyed the interactions you had between the two characters
RedZetroc18 RedZetroc18 Nov 23, 2016
                              You like him, don't you? Just admit it. I have a ship sailing here!