Negans Daughter // A Twd Fanfic

Negans Daughter // A Twd Fanfic

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What happens when Bella Negans daughter meets a group that was a enemy of hers and leaves her father for a while to be with them.

But she goes exploring one day and she finds something terrible that she wouldn't ever want...Especially after meeting that group.

For all my walking dead books the only characters I own are the ones I make up all the walking dead credit goes to AMC

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jendolanxo jendolanxo Aug 03, 2017
How many walkers have you killed? How many people have you killed?
raininggrimes raininggrimes Mar 13, 2017
when you could tell it's gonna be a good book because the characters name is yours ;)
DempseysGirlx02 DempseysGirlx02 Dec 21, 2017
... Am I the only one who likes him? I didn't like him for killing people but I just like him 😂
Unfortunate_reader Unfortunate_reader Dec 15, 2016
Do I even need to explain how the first two sentences made no sense at all???
Zeldafollower Zeldafollower Apr 08, 2016
So she ran away from Daddy Negan and Mommy Lucille? Good for her!
FallonLedger FallonLedger Aug 01, 2016
ok....yeah we just met you but that's ok..come join our group even though we don't know you.