The Devils Eyes | l.s

The Devils Eyes | l.s

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Emmy Stylinson By lovebuglarry Updated Nov 11

A harmless trip with Friends, doesn't sound like much, In Louis case things could be more life threatening them some. Ghost story's told around the camp Fire are just mindless jokes, or could they be more?


"That's bullshit, Cal." Louis laughs with everyone.

Cal shakes his head as the campfire glistens his skin. "No, my sister even showed me the news article back in 1851. A boy called Harry Styles died here along with his family. Apparently they got hung for practising black Magic." Cal carries on with a glint in his eyes. "Some say his ghost still lingers in these very woods." He grins. "Scared yet Lou?" He taunts teasingly.

"Shut your fucking mouth." Louis chuckles absent minded to his words.

Ghosts don't exist, right?


leeds_2011 leeds_2011 Jun 09
Wow, this is so intriguing. This seems like it's going to be really dark and that makes me so curious to see how it will turn into Larry. Incredible first chapter!!!
if you don't want to cry just pinch the skin between your index finger and thumb really hard