How Can A Monster Love? {COMPLETED}

How Can A Monster Love? {COMPLETED}

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Georgi Kay By Georgella_ Completed

Reader X Aaron
-Minecraft Dairys-
You are a 21 year old girl who has had her whole life taken from her by Zane. You start the story running in the woods to get away from Zane. When you meet a 23 year old masked man named Aaron you were about to say hi  when he ran up to you and put a sword to your throat! And calls on Three other men who go by the name of 
Garroth, Laurance and Vlyad.

▶Things Reader-Chan should know◀

~You are the Shadow Angle~
~Your parents are dead~

Y/N - Your Name
H/C - Hair Colour
H/L - Hair Length
E/C - Eye Colour
S/C - Skin Colour
F/C - Fav Colour
D/N - Dog Name

◾Will be shown in all chapys◾


~❗Characters belong to Aphmau❗~
~❗MCD's belong to Aphmau❗~
~⬇I own all characters below⬇~



❤Hope you enjoy❤
~ Georgella-Chan out ~


Book 2 ~ Monsters Can love!

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Me:You're not the boss of me bruh i can do anything I want to..
Phandom_Ruined_Me Phandom_Ruined_Me May 04, 2017
Funny how I'm supposed to fall in love with Aaron later.....geez man ya tried to kill me
KawaiiKittyShipper KawaiiKittyShipper Jun 23, 2017
Hello my opposite
                              Other Me: Hello Genaveive a.k.a Luna
                              🖕🏼BULSIT *bitch slaps opposite*
                              Now does anyone know how to get rid of a dead body. NOT THAT I WOULD HAVE ONE.
KawaiiKittyShipper KawaiiKittyShipper Jun 23, 2017
Genaveive but my friends call me Luna
                              Dark brown
Samantha_Leann Samantha_Leann Jun 15, 2017
Thanks, Vylad. Finally someone who has some manners. *Brushes dress off and stands up, glaring at garroth and Aaron*
Samantha_Leann Samantha_Leann Jun 15, 2017
Well, I ship people, I have an amazing best friend, I'm a centuries, I'm a tomboy, I like my ripped jeans, and I love writing. I too make up silly stuff and my friends have tried to cram a piece of cloth down my throat before because I annoy them.