Wait On Me • namjin

Wait On Me • namjin

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-rabbiteeth By -rabbiteeth Updated Nov 30

in which a fuckboy who fucked almost every homo guy in this college, has his eyes on the cute new boy

"just wait on me, Seokjin" ;-Namjoon

[v slow updates, cuz life]

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im already pumped up and emo at the same time because of the cover
                              13 reasons why was the bomb 👍👏
MyBTSins MyBTSins Nov 02
I shared the same surname with you Joonie. So does that means I, You, Jin and Taehyung were meant to be? Does it also means that almost half of the Korean citizens were meant for me? 😂
That's not Jin is it? Well I love this but I might as well skip I get super jelly when it's like not NamJin
Kopo_senpo Kopo_senpo Sep 02
Fun fact:20% of Koreans have the last name Kim
                              Fun Fact: I did not steal this from an episode of Buzzfeed:worth it
achievement unlocked: meeting your future husband for the first time