The Tales of Tikum Kadlum (Wattys 2018 Long-Lister)

The Tales of Tikum Kadlum (Wattys 2018 Long-Lister)

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Redd Humann By ReddHumann Updated Sep 03

The former timawa (warrior serf) and all-time scoundrel, Tikum the Black Dog Kadlum is no stranger to the arcane and the mysterious. He's been through it all, betraying and scamming his way from one adventurous caper to the next. 

And now, he just wants to return to his hometown with his daughter, Ukok, and live a peaceful life. But things are about to change when the Black Dog starts a cat and mouse chase against Amburukay, the queen of the manghihiwit...
Follow Tikum and Ukok journey through the lands of Vijayas and avoid the clutches of Amburukay, a sorceress with a grudge to settle, steal from a powerful baylan and her bagani sister, slay hungry monsters, fight against bandits, outsmart a cunning datu, escape from a few killers here and there. And of course, defeat a demigod. 

In the land of Vijayas, VICTORY comes most often not to the STRONG, nor to the SWIFT, but to the SLY.
The Tales of Tikum Kadlum is a sword and sorcery fantasy collection set in the Pre-Hispanic times of the Philippines long before the SONGS OF STRIFE story. 

*With excerpts from A Study of Our Baganis by Lamberto Aguilar
Some names used in the story are taken from the Suguidanon Epics of Ilo-Ilo. But they are, in no way, accurate representation of the actual characters of the epic chants. If you like to read short stories with overarching arcs...this one is for you!