Other Side Of The Coin [Sasuke X Reader]

Other Side Of The Coin [Sasuke X Reader]

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Celine By ceevee912 Updated Dec 08, 2016

Sasuke Uchiha was perfectly content with what he had. He has a comfortable life, nice friends, and good enough grades to get by to graduate (he could do without the annoying fan club though). Every thing was in place and as it should be except that one fateful day he had lost a stupid bet.

 His punishment seemed simple enough - make a girl fall for him. (Y/N) (L/N) had been an enigma to him since the moment he laid his eyes on her. She was the perfect pawn for their little game, but there might be a lot more to her than meets the eye. Her stumbling into his life made him realize that being "content" was a lot different from being truly "happy". 

Now, would he win this silly little game?

Warning: a bit AU, a bit dark and some language.

I do not own Naruto, nor do I own reader-chan :)

Was this like the first word Sasuke spoke as a baby or something?
                               I'm just now thinking about why he says that all the time when he's uninterested in something or something like that
Shinjuthepanda Shinjuthepanda Oct 04, 2016
My glasses broke when someone hit my face with a basketball... freakin hurts 😂
Sanji_Kunn Sanji_Kunn Dec 28, 2016
My definition of short hair is dora hair. I ain't having some hair like that😂 it'll be shoulder length at least
rebeccameng7 rebeccameng7 Nov 19, 2016
Some guy broke my glasses and he still has a long scar on his back....
yukisuki03 yukisuki03 Dec 11, 2016
Hmm I wonder why Naruto won that it's not like he doesn't eat that everyday for his whole life and it's totally not his favorite food ever.*hint the sarcasm*