I'll be okay ➤ Dlairry

I'll be okay ➤ Dlairry

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kittay_cat By kittay_cat Updated Mar 11, 2017

Harry Potter is a fourteen year old boy, who had just gotten his chance at happiness with his sixteen year old boyfriend, Cedric. He loves him more than anything in the world, but has to keep it all a secret at risk of himself getting bullied. 

Fight after fight, yelling and scowling, it all leads up to the one fight that broke his chance of happiness. 

What happened in the fight, you ask? 

Well that's where the story begins.

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Kjerstimya Kjerstimya Aug 31, 2017
Well, I read the title, read the tags, I know what I'm singing up to, and not planning to hate on it.
DestineeSymon DestineeSymon Mar 18, 2017
Just had to laugh.. you are going on about blaico  but the title (which it says to read) says Dlairry
nightmarewolf2000 nightmarewolf2000 Oct 24, 2016
Preach it girl!!! I love this story!! Drarry or no drarry this book is amazing! I still love Blaico so I have so I have no problems and I can't wait to see where you take this!!!😍👍🏼
qascidy qascidy Nov 17, 2016
I love the whole story so far. Keep it up :) Can't wait to read the rest.
LilyZaphira LilyZaphira Nov 09, 2016
I don't get why people are pissed. Like seriously, if you don't like, GTFO
_MasterOfDeath_ _MasterOfDeath_ Oct 22, 2016
AYMEN, PREACH IT SISTER, PREACH!!👏👏👏👏 *standing novation*