Unknown Blank (Exo Chanyeol)

Unknown Blank (Exo Chanyeol)

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They got married not because of arrangement, but because they love. She loves him and he loves her as well. But she can't feel his love, as the times pass, she feels like he slowly fading away. His place beside her became a blank to her. It's all because he vowed his life to his job. All time work. He couldn't even give any time to his wife.
That was the start of the reason of their marriage started to crack. 
Their marriage can be broken down finally? Or,
He can fill his blank back beside her finally?


Another story of mine! I hope you all can enjoy this story as well. My first chanlli story, I didn't do well. So I decided to make it better. Please support this story as well.*Bow*.
Chanlli is real!

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_sumaiyaxx _sumaiyaxx Feb 10
2 of my biases in the same story... I think I'm going to die!! 😩😭
florenceplanet florenceplanet Dec 31, 2017
I really love this book and this is my second time reading this
chanseol chanseol Apr 10, 2016
Please update this! I love the soft smut part, kkkkk. Don't give up on chanlli!
chnyexl chnyexl Apr 11, 2016
shazazh shazazh Apr 08, 2016
I don't really like it when Sulli called Chanyeol with 'oppa'. Can you change it into his name instead because it break down my feel when I read this part, sorry, but I just suggesting, if you don't want to so that's fine.
seolhyunny seolhyunny Apr 10, 2016
Hay, I'm from Indonesia! Just found it on Shaza's reading list, and I thought it was great because chanlli! So, it IS great! I love the way you describe any situation here and it fired my feel because the angst and sad part gosh! Please update, I'll be waiting for this because I support chanlli!