BDSM Is My Normal

BDSM Is My Normal

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Lena❥ By CarnalDesire Updated Nov 03, 2014

•Contains Mature Content•

"I give no mercy Desireé!" Nathaniel shouted pinning my hands above my head and my body against the cold wall. "You obey ME! Because you... are...." he crashed his lips against mine. "MINE!" 

Desireé Hurley had been bestfriends with Nathaniel James since freshman year in college. They both decided to move in together as friends. Nathan is a volunteered fire fighter and a very wealthy doctor. Therefore he spends quite some time away from Desireé. But what she doesn't know is that he has a dark secret.

Nathan is a Dominant. He drags her into his world of pain, obedience, and pleasure. This becomes a regular adventure for Desireé's new exciting life. 

But Nathan has fallen in love with Desireé, and Desireé just might like Nathan more that she thinks.

And Desireé might find herself in a little bit of trouble along the way. Knowing Nathan may have a few secrets up his sleeves. 

Let's just say Desireé has fallen In love with a man who isn't who she thinks he is. Especially when unexpected events begin to unravel. 

Bondage, Discipline, Dominance, Submission, Sadomasochism, and Love.

"Hands bound, and gagged mouth."

What would you do if your Dominant was in love with you?

Welcome to the world of kinky sex.

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KittyLover2016 KittyLover2016 Feb 17, 2016
*claps hands*
                              You tell them smart ass bitches 
                              You go girl!!!!!!
ShatterdSoul ShatterdSoul Aug 19, 2016
YOU strip. Stripping out of a fire fighter suit is insanely hot
Alisaxoxo26 Alisaxoxo26 Jun 28, 2016
Im 13 bruh! its a new generation get used to it u know how many 8 year old probably read this?
Alisaxoxo26 Alisaxoxo26 Jul 02, 2016
He tied her hands dafuq? Where is she gonna go talking about dont move!😂
LittleMissBookworm23 LittleMissBookworm23 May 24, 2016
It was funny how she was all like, I'm gonna kill you and curse you out, then she's like, love, Lena😂
Nisdav Nisdav Apr 25, 2016
13 yeaayy~...wait... I started watch porn in...10 y.o? *stayvirgin