Tronnor smut oneshots

Tronnor smut oneshots

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Tronnorsecrets By gemma_fr Updated May 06, 2016

Word Count: 690

( The boys had already been in their relationship before this point in time )

   "Troye, princess I think I want to try something new. Would you be willing to allow me to test it out?"

Connor sat on Troye's chest as he lay still on the couch holding his hands above his head. 

   "Would I be comfortable with it Daddy?"
Troye looked up at Connor and sighed. He smirked at Troye and his eyes filled with excitement.

  "Guess we'll have to wait and see. Now let's go to the play room princess."

Connor held Troye's hand and stood up, pulling Troye along behind him they walked up the stairs and approached the dark brown door that was hidden behind a large curtain.

Connor pulled out a key and u locked the door while Troye stood back and slightly rubbed his hand over his hardened member.

" Troye I told you no touching yourself, I am your master, I am the only one who is aloud to touch you. Do it again and there will be punishment."

The frustration in Connors voi...

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justatrashbag101 justatrashbag101 Sep 09, 2017
Ughhhhhhhh is Connor topping? Or is Troye topping? I'm so confused who's POV is this in
Lie_Till_You_Die_43 Lie_Till_You_Die_43 Apr 30, 2017
Wait...Connor put troyes fingers in himself...? ...ok...ay...? 😶
alfalfasdick alfalfasdick May 06, 2017
W8 a Minute. Wut? Con.. But the fingers? 
                              Alrighty then. Wutever m8 I'm confused as heck.
DarkBaby5 DarkBaby5 Jun 26, 2017
Okay, it started with Troye as the top, but then he became the bottom, and Connor ended up being the top, when at first he was going to be the bottom...... What?!?
xxxsivanxxx xxxsivanxxx Jan 07, 2017
Reading fanfic and trying to figure out the position they're in 😫