What I see:Phan

What I see:Phan

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AlexRose02 By AlexRose21 Updated Nov 17, 2016

Dan always seems normal. He is kind to his friends and loves all things nerdy, which is why kids find him an easy target. But what most people don't know, is that he is trapped in a deep state of depression that he can't get out of, thanks to the death of his father, his alcoholic step-father, the bullies at school, and the fact that everyone knows his deepest darkest secret about his sexuality, he is bi-sexual.

But things suddenly change when the curious, over-enthusiastic and light-hearted new kid, Phil Lester makes his way into Dan's life, and slowly into Dan's heart and he teaches that everyone deserves a chance to be happy, and everyone has a reason to live, even if he and Phil's lives aren't perfect.

*Warning!! This books contains violence and offensive language! Depression triggered*

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bloodyphannah bloodyphannah Jun 28, 2017
bellaships bellaships Jun 01, 2017
O no! I hold the bathroom up! I am such a..
                              Disgrace? Bruh thefuck
HermionetheWizard HermionetheWizard Jun 18, 2017
I need to listen to P!ATD more, there's so many references in the fanfics I read
bandhoez9194 bandhoez9194 May 22, 2017
Its kind of funny how in love with that song I am and yet I'm not religious at all. Like, I'm a wiccan xD
hartzogtori451 hartzogtori451 Sep 17, 2017
My dad lives on the other side of the country... and it's not for work... he just hates us
HermionetheWizard HermionetheWizard Jun 18, 2017
I'm pretty sure that everyone in this group has kissed a boy