YuZhou CP Random posts

YuZhou CP Random posts

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whaleandmonkey By whaleandmonkey Updated 14 hours ago

>> Since some people already made fanfic about them so I'll post their random information and
>> This about Addicted web series casts info and facts especially about Johnny. 

I will try my best to share what I know about them as much as I can. 
And sorry for my bad grammar, English is not my mother tongue. Feel free to ask me if you don't understand what I'm talking about on my posts ^^

I'll put [UPDATED] on the title if I update something on the post that I've posted. so please keep checking them. TQ^^

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Thanks @whaleandmonkey  .. It's a bit of a treat for my longing for them.☺️
AbbyJung AbbyJung Apr 16, 2016
I don't really understand this.. So In Lunar Calendar zhouzhou was born in 16th September So when he really celebrate his birthday?  20 October or 0916? Okay lol hahaha
whaleandmonkey whaleandmonkey May 20, 2016
Well Johnny was born on 30th November 1992. The day he was born, chinese lunar calendar was on 7th November 1992 :)
                              30th Nov 1992 (gregorian calendar) = 7th Nov 1992 (chinese lunar calendar) 
                              So 7th Nov also his birthday :) but he celebrate his birthday every 30th Nov :)