Afraid  ▷ Negans daughter [STOPPED]

Afraid ▷ Negans daughter [STOPPED]

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• By mikeseleven Updated Oct 14

When you're little and you get scared, you hide under your covers or call for your mom. 

When you're older and scared you run the other direction and don't look back. 

You can't do that anymore. Not in the apocalypse. And you especially not from your own father. 


When I was scared I would punch people or jab them in the stomach. It was hilarious
Please update!  This story is really good and I'm so excited to see how she treats Negan in front if the group and how he treats her!!!!
Your writing is on point no matter what time you write at!!!! I'm so excited to see where you're going with this! !
for halloween i dressed up as a girl version of negan and her name was Megan😂😂😂
CoralsBby CoralsBby Apr 19
In the show S6 E11 at the Hilltop Jesus says that Negan killed 16 year old boy to get his point across so..
Meh, when I was six I always run to the kitchen and grab a frying pan.