The Alphas got a Human Mate

The Alphas got a Human Mate

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XxtakeflightxX By XxtakeflightxX Updated Jun 16, 2016

Elena Olson, a 18 year old rebellious and stubborn girl. She does what she wants and gets what she wants, except shes human.

Nate Adler, a 22 year old possessive and over protective yet stubborn Alpha.

What happens when they bump into each other for the first time at the mall while Elena is shopping with her best (guy) friend. She refuses to leave with Nate, but as stubborn as he is, Elena is worse. She starts to yell for help and when people start to give looks towards Nate, he has to back down. He promises he will find her and will stop at nothing to make her his. Even if he has to steal her to do so.

  • alpha
  • beta
  • human
  • mate
  • pack
  • possessive
  • rebellious
  • stubborn
J200203 J200203 Dec 10, 2017
I loved it, it’s a really good introduction to the story and I want to keep reading so I’m pretty sure it’s fantastic
Fluff_Muffin Fluff_Muffin Mar 13, 2016
Omg your describing me!!! ... Well besides the last part ...
nicetobehyde nicetobehyde May 22, 2016
I'mma just say this. I love your cover so much!!!! They were one of my first ships.
ElowenAbernathy ElowenAbernathy Jan 02, 2016
The thing is I love you're story and how I know this is because I'm already fantasising about how exiting this will be! (WOW that sounded wrong)
thisgirl_iscrazy thisgirl_iscrazy Aug 15, 2015
In the description you said Nate is 21 and you just wrote that he is 22. Just thought I'd let you know
ZeEmandEm ZeEmandEm Jun 18, 2015
Hah one of my friend's name is Ethan, and his sister's name in Emma. What r the chances ;P