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Zappy Zoo By zenzicblahblah Completed

"Is she an MR?!"

'What's an MR?" Tom asks responding to Violet's question and me being myself I interrupt the conversation.

"MR?! I know what's an MR! M stands for Miss and of course I'm a Miss. And R stands for Romantic. And I'm a very romantic person. So that explains that I'm an MR." I smirk at them.

"No Miss Romantic! MR stands for Mentally Retarded. And I asked if you are one?" my jaw drops and a gasp leaves my lips. 


"Of course I am!" I respond dropping all other jaws in the room in process. 

I continue with my tribal dance swaying my hips, waving my hands in air and closing my eyes only to end up on the floor and start laughing all over again. Am I the only one laughing? Of course!

(Summary inside) 

If you're looking for a Cliché bad boy romance oopsi doopsi, you're at the wrong place!

Thank you @kimsona for such a pretty cover

Thank you so much @-StayingUpLate for editing my chapters and making it beautiful!

Please enter at your own risk! 

Cliffhangers ahead! 



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Malberrylover Malberrylover Apr 17, 2016
Im totally in love with your cover. It really suites your story.and it's really awesome and kinda cute.please don't change it!!!😙😙😙😙😙it's totally the best.
FlyingMonkeysAreReal FlyingMonkeysAreReal Sep 05, 2016
OMG! I absolutely love your description!  I already know that I will love this book!!!!
FriendlyDragon478 FriendlyDragon478 Aug 15, 2016
Lmaooooooo your description thingy b4 the story even started had my dying😂
DemetriJohnson DemetriJohnson Jun 05, 2016
ha that was.. different. glad to see you are adamant about separating yourself from the pack. On wards charge!
Im just English and a tad spanish, i talk with a british accent because i grew up on dr who and brittish youtubers
StitchesNeeded9786 StitchesNeeded9786 Sep 10, 2016
Girl, I'm American and I speak English but even I mess it up... alot. It's super embarrassing when you can't even say hi correctly to your teachers. 😑