Sweet Monster | Luhan Fanfic

Sweet Monster | Luhan Fanfic

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× 優雅な × By jungkookxchen_mjl Completed

B O O K  O N E

Status: Completed and is under heavy editing 

Big thanks to @ohsedumb for the amazing cover!


He was someone to be obeyed and respected, not someone to be broken and loved.

Luhan has his own fair share of secrets being the next leader of the vampire government as Eunsook has her own share of torture when they meet each other.

He was known to be the most powerful.
She was curious enough to step closer.


Grand Winner of The Power Awards 2018

Highest Ranking: 555 in F a n f i c t i o n
                      228 in V a m p i r e

Most Impressive Ranking: kai- 468 out of 4.72k books

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sufi_mjk sufi_mjk Sep 11, 2017
A scar could be cured while a broken heart couldn't but...a pure smile could fix everything that is in mind
Ramen_Seducer Ramen_Seducer 4 days ago
My edits are probably annoying the hell out of people but I like to think of it as constructive criticism to further improve ones writing ability. In any case, I’ll stop now.
askmewhy28 askmewhy28 Apr 17
Reading for ..... Multiple times that I lost count. 
                              April 17 
                              Cant wait for book two!!!
askmewhy28 askmewhy28 Apr 17
I love you. And I'm still loving you for letting us read your awesome book!!