Metanoia [Ushijima x reader]

Metanoia [Ushijima x reader]

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IROIHS By IROIHS Updated May 06

Metanoia - the journey of changing one's mind, heart, self, or way of life
Ushijima x Reader fanfic

Story starts during middle school wherein the reader's a first year and Ushijima's a second year (if you're confused with the age, students start middle school at the age of 13)

That's basically all you need to know, sorry I suck at summaries but meh!
Also, this is my first fanfic... please be gentle

All pictures used do not belong to me

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Oh I'm used to it.... You have to get used to it when you libero
CanaMono75 CanaMono75 Jul 10, 2017
Aww 😍😍. It's okay, it wouldn't kill you. You poor, adorable thing.
ciel_yokai ciel_yokai Mar 14, 2017
Wait wut? I'm super confused, isn't shiratorizawa a high school?
                              Welp ok
                              I just said that....
                              TOO LATE NOW
                              LET THE EMBARRASSMENT COMMENCE
Tsuchin Tsuchin Apr 23, 2016
I absolutely loved this story ! <3 Please update soon!
                              I loved his way of writing, by the way.