Intergalactic Affairs [On Indefinite Hold]

Intergalactic Affairs [On Indefinite Hold]

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Ami de Mort By timeandspace-writer Updated Jul 09, 2017

In a war-torn universe, the peacemakers are seen as weak, and those who would see the galaxies ripped apart have the power to make it so and take what they would from the aftermath. Amidst a battle for the very soul of the Universal Government, there are a select few willing to stand up for what they believe in. Though they each know exactly what their choices may cost, four individuals stand against the wrongs of an unjust war. An alien girl with a mysterious past, willing to sacrifice all for those she loves; a general's son, born a healer yet forced to serve as a soldier; a kind human who will give her all to aid the quest of her friends; a gifted space-girl who risks everything to do what's right; together, a mismatched group united by the sufferings of war and the belief in peace.

A/N: I obviously don't own any of the characters or plots from the Harry Potter franchise. All rights and credit go to JK Rowling and Universal Studios.

"An adventurous story filled with wonder and excitement, but mystery and turns that will make you yearn for more." -flygirl1, author of Kiros

"...A twisting, turning roller coaster of a story. The characters are relatable and the plot wonderfully exhilarating." -WingSeeker

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