My Foxy Naruto(KAKANAU)

My Foxy Naruto(KAKANAU)

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LucifersDownfall By LucifersDownfall Updated Jun 19, 2016

Two flattened ears stood on top of a mop of golden hair. It twitched with every sound, simmering a unnatural orange color. One thick orange tail stuck out from the clothes, swaying side to side.

"Kakashi?" A voice rang. From the light that escaped from the closed curtains, eyes stared back at him. The once sky blue eyes had turned into an angry storm of redness. Fear, although remained, was faded as the form relaxed slightly.

"I-I'm scared"

alyssabetts alyssabetts Apr 10, 2016
So cute!!! And please update this awesome book author-chan!!!
midnightLunacy midnightLunacy Sep 02, 2016
Seems interesting so far but I hope there is no there?
                              And lol sasuke screaming is hilarious.  XD
DemonWolf117 DemonWolf117 Oct 09, 2016
Man oh man that was funny....... I never seen Sasuke scream like that