Touring Together | Raura

Touring Together | Raura

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They're both in bands. He's in a band with his siblings. And she's in a band with her best friends. If they do get together, all along, they are still "Touring Together"....


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camsnaja camsnaja Oct 22, 2017
Lauren: Repeat what you said, sweetie.
                              Rydel: I ship raura and you won't stop me!! * screams and run away *
camsnaja camsnaja Oct 22, 2017
Me: Lydel!!
                              Lauren: what did yoy just say?
                              Me: You're so amazing, sexy, talented and my dream.
                              Lauren: Good * flips hair and walk off *
protectinglarryx protectinglarryx Apr 08, 2016
omg celine i'm actually in love with this book!!!✨🙌🏻😍
Petty1972 Petty1972 Aug 01, 2016
Nota is Spanish and it's spelled Nada...not being rude or hating but it's just for future references. Sorry if I offended you though.
spiritualwrites spiritualwrites Jan 14, 2017
Thats exactly how i feel with my crush that ive known for a long time that was my best friend but were not on talking distance so i get nervous everytime i attempt to add him on snap chat