My Fake Boyfriend. (CNCO) #WATTYS2016FANFIC

My Fake Boyfriend. (CNCO) #WATTYS2016FANFIC

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Piercetheliizy_cx By Piercetheliizy_cx Updated 3 days ago

A girl named Isabella Cervantes Gonzalez. Also known as ISA.

She's a new student at Miami Beach High School. She was expecting high school to be the best, have friends and been popular. Well she thought wrong. For her to survive the school year she has to lie about her love life.

What's the problem? Her problem is she had never. Dated, not even have a

She meet this girls named Rosario and Carla. All they talk about is boyfriend. That's when Isa talks about her love life, through the story she has to proof she has a boyfriend. But she will need help of someone, maybe a fake boyfriend?

That's when she meets Christopher Velez, the most popular guy in school. All girls love him, but he had never take girls seriously. That's When he decides to tag along with her lie. throughout the book he  makes fun of her and prank, and play with her emotions. Knowing about her feelings. Can those little games can come out of hands? Or will change him forever?

Read to find out.

honey_murry honey_murry Jul 24
Christopher!!! I love him. I'm actually going to see them in October. I'm happy
Damn Christopher is looking fine! Ugh I can't get over the fact that I saw him life front row, and he blew a kiss to me like I'm dead
Tell us more tell us more ~Greece (if u dont know what im talking about watch Greece on Netflix)
¡Hola chicas! Acabo de empezar a escribir un fanfic de CNCO llamado «Documental» es en español, pueden pasar a leerlo, estoy segura que les encantara.
This is actually like 'The Black Prince and The Wolf Girl' you know that anime 😂😂
zabdaddy zabdaddy Aug 01, 2016
I hate reading a fanfic where Erick or Yoyo is related to me 😩 but this seems like a good book