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Inspired by William Shakespeare's ROMEO & JULIET

On earth, living among humans are a group called the Fallen. Banished from heaven centuries ago, they have since been striving for redemption. But living a mortal life, stripped of their wings, leaves these fallen angels struggling to resist influences of human nature. 
Harper is one of these Fallen, and also one of the least willing to succumb to the path to purity. Having long ago decided she was now more human than angel, she sees no hope for reaching heaven and reclaiming her wings. In her eyes, why fight a losing battle?
After talks fall to a hostile stand still, they are given one last chance for redemption. Their fate rests in the hands of three angels, send to earth as a final judgment. Win their favour, or be damned to earth for eternity.
Michael is one of these angels, and quickly gains the eye of Harper. Certain that she can sway his decision, the two face off time and time again as he remains unwilling to bow to her will. But Harpers frustration with him quickly turns to intrigue, and soon, the two are met with the struggle between right and wrong, the future of their families, and the wrath of Heaven itself.

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ashleymary1 ashleymary1 May 26, 2017
I don't know like 4 words that's how u know it's gonna be good
nicolothy nicolothy Apr 08, 2016
I like the speech pattern of the Angels. They're slightly stilted, lacking some of the natural tics and idiosyncrasies that humans have.
NatalieJennifer7 NatalieJennifer7 Jun 20, 2016
Brilliant first chapter! You're descriptions are so vivid and beautiful! ❤️ can't wait to read more!
DazedMind DazedMind Apr 11, 2016
Well what do you except them to act like? They're surrounded by humans 24/7.
emeraldcity221B emeraldcity221B Apr 12, 2016
Meanwhile the SPN fans are freaking out about the name Cassiel
phan_cakes_ phan_cakes_ Jun 13, 2016
I love it. It's perfectly described and worded!! I'm excited to read the whole thing!!