A Guide for Littles

A Guide for Littles

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ddlg_princess By ddlg_princess Updated Oct 08

Hi everyone! This is a guide for littles, kittens, subs, and dominants. I will post pictures and step-by-step instructions on how to make certain ageplay/ddlg/kittenplay/cgl (ect.) items like bottles and collars. I will also put together information to help inform members of the bdsm/cgl community. 

The majority of the chapters in this book have been marked as private. To see the private chapters you have to follow me and then add the book to your library. 

Hope this is helpful! 
Love, Princess <3

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yh same but i havent had any hate cus ive only told mommy (i had a girlfriend before i started this)
jeanbean108 jeanbean108 Aug 13
Me too ☺️ I'm so scared to tell people but so many others here are being a little can be difficult in itself but being an underaged little is a lot harder
Kshinault14 Kshinault14 Apr 02
I'm 13 almost 14 and I have a mommy who is a year older than me.
I think I'm a little so me too (I'm not In a relationship though)
VkookDildo VkookDildo Oct 15
I'm definitely an underaged little but no one really gives a care honestly. Then again no one knows about me being little even though I'm almost always in headspace
Oh my god same. It's really hard since I still(obviously) live with my parents, but it's good to know I'm not alone in the (unDERAGE) side of little stuff.