Land of the Heroes

Land of the Heroes

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Samantha By samigirl101 Updated Dec 26, 2016

CoWritten by Samigirl101 & Sunshineandstars04

Percy Jackson didn't expect to be in another war. Who would after they've had two already? But when the goddess Harmonia comes to the Jacksons and asks for their help with a disturbance in her domain that only they can fix it seems, Percy is sucked into a new world where his mother is all but dead to most. But of course without his memory, will Percy be able to survive the things Alagaësia can throw at him?

Eragon can remember Ajihad's last words as clearly as if he had said them a million times: "Find Brom's sister, only she can challenge the Empire." 

Too bad Eragon didn't even know Brom had a sister. He never really thought to ask about that. But with Eragon being promised to the Elves and Varden already, how could he find time to search for a woman in all of Alagaësia that seems to have slipped through everyones' fingers. And what if, just maybe, Sally wasn't even the one they were searching for?

Join Eragon and Percy as they travel through Alagaësia getting ready to take on the Empire in, "Land of the Heroes."

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