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Next Generation Harry Potter RP [OPEN]

Next Generation Harry Potter RP [OPEN]

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💚 #greenforchloe 💚 By -Cricketeer- Updated 3 days ago

Y'er a wizard!

TheDoctorsReality TheDoctorsReality Jul 24, 2016
Michael sighed and drifted down the street, eyes wide as he stayed as far away from people as he could. He glanced at each of the shops
                              Looking down at his letter and looking for the materials needed.
LoveCheerio LoveCheerio Jul 16, 2016
*walking around Diagon Alley* OMG is that Harry Potter?!?!? it is just some weird hobo.  * goes over to hobo and gives him money and food.* I hope you have a better life soon sir.*
swbuttercup7 swbuttercup7 Sep 27, 2016
Allison walks into Quality Quidditch Supplies, planning on buying a broomstick servicing kit to properly take care of her broom.
AshaWheels AshaWheels Dec 29, 2016
                              Dammit so many chains. 
                              Anyways, want them to have two kids we can do one each?
TheCheshireGirl TheCheshireGirl Jun 15, 2016
Tuva walked around,searching for Some new books, "Ugh Cant find thise dam books"
hpfangrl hpfangrl Sep 29, 2016
Diana ducked away from her mother and into the nearest shop- Flourish and Blotts. As she collapsed against the door, she noticed someone staring at her. Patting her hair, she realized it had gone white again. Concentrating, it slowly darkened back to a pleasant caramel colour.