Dirty dirty boy ⇉ Ethan Dolan

Dirty dirty boy ⇉ Ethan Dolan

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Brooks :) By stilinkskis Updated Jul 14

Maggie lindemann was an average teenage girl. She was shy and anti-social. 

All she wanted to do was focus on school and make her parents proud like she always has been.

Things all began to change when she ran into the schools badass (literally), Ethan Dolan. 

Ethan along with his twin brother, Grayson were the favorites of Malcoma high. Every girl wanted to be with them and every guy wanted to be them.

Ethan was the opposite of Maggie. All he wanted to do was party and have sex with girls. 

When their opposites attract, will Maggie change Ethan's ways? Or will she just make things worse for the both of them? 

Lots of sex
Strong language
Drug use and violence 

Read at own risk. Can't handle? You're always free to leave.

And then you punch them in the nose and be like "look now your bleeding too"
OMG if malia is the one he cheated with, I'm boutta blow a fuse
tinabamber tinabamber Jul 09
Is it just me or does it gross you out when a guy calls you baby girl (I hate it with a passion) and if they want you to call them daddy😝😖😖
Nahhh fam it was litt💗this Maggie seems like a boss äss bïtch
Well thanks for your support bestie😒he just cheated on me but ya no let's invite him for tea
Dolan_FeverX Dolan_FeverX Dec 28, 2016
soooo true i always get that and im like NOO IM not now f off 😂