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Mama's boy

Mama's boy

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Luciafar95 By Luciafar95 Updated Jan 18

"When you're twenty and your child is four you know something probably didn't go as it should have, when you know almost nothing about his father it is for sure."

Lauren is a college student with a lot of responsabilities and it happens to make wrong choices, she's only sure she has no time for relationships and she wants to protect her baby boy at all costs.

skeeterscribbler skeeterscribbler Nov 07, 2016
I mean who else just repeated the name in their heads over and over again coz of how beautiful it is
tvdlover2002 tvdlover2002 Oct 04, 2016
At least the dad was responsible and not a jerk who dumped her after she got pregnant
lylaslegend lylaslegend Nov 15, 2016
My sis do it with me and my mom, I don't see nothing but innocence in something like that
This introduction is one of the best written introductions I've read in ages; it makes me want to dive right into the story and not stop reading until the end.
My mom never kissed me on my lips only my cheek, I find it a little weird when parents kiss their kids on the lips