You Belong to Me {JasonIsaacs} COMPLETED

You Belong to Me {JasonIsaacs} COMPLETED

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Little Missy By 46Nova_Lucius Completed

Josephine Fitzgerald is a sweet, beautiful 14 year old girl. 

Vladimir Komarov is a strangely handsome psychopathic serial killer who is 52 years old. 

When Vladimir substitutes for Josephine's math class he sets his eyes on one thing and one thing only. Her. After taking her she soon becomes his little baby girl.

<Vladimir: Jason Isaacs>
<Josephine: you>
<Claire: Some girl you hate>
<Felix Kennedy: Kenny Johnson>
<Blythe: Olivia Cooke>


Completed: September 26, 2016 

~Very mature Content~
~Large age gap~

  • alaska
  • brainwashed
  • claire
  • corpses
  • jasonisaacs
  • josephine
  • kennedy
  • kennyjohnson
  • knife
  • murder
  • obessed
  • possession
  • psychopath
  • serialkiller
  • stalker
  • stolen
  • taken
  • teacher
  • thriller
  • vladimir
PeachesNHoes PeachesNHoes Aug 11, 2017
Boy she 14 which means you're 38 years older than her 😂she probably haven't even had her period yet bro.... by time she reaches the age of maturity you probably gonna be dead from old age and crippled bones 😂
PeachesNHoes PeachesNHoes Aug 11, 2017
Poor her 🌚she only 14 and in love with her boyfriend but he finna be selfish and kidnap her or some shït
This reminds me 3 days ago me and my friends where walking home and this old guy pulled up beside us and was like “wanna lift?”
littlemialexus littlemialexus Nov 21, 2017
I thought this meant that he liked a Spanish boy named josé
OneThreeZeroSix OneThreeZeroSix Nov 28, 2017
Wait.... how old is she?....
                              How come her friend has a car already?
- - Sep 17, 2017
I almost feel sad about him but when he said he want to have sexual contact..damn . He's sick. For him age doesnt matter.I bet thats his motto.