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Afraid (A Danisnotonfire X Reader)

Afraid (A Danisnotonfire X Reader)

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Montag Trash #1 By EeveeUsedTrumpCard Completed

What is life?
        That is something Dan Howell questions every day.
        And so does Y/N Y/L/N.
      Now that the world has gone mad . . .
        Y/N meets the gorgeous Dan Howell at the front of the hotel. Everyone becomes friends at first, but Y/N overhears a conversation that changes her life forever. Once a friend dies and the center closes, they go to the pool where Dan accidentally commits to her. What will the mystery of the future hold for the two? Not what they thought it would be.
      But, after all, Dan really IS on fire.
      After all . . .
      . . . After all we've been through.
        Hi! I'm Chloe. You're Y/N. 'Kay? We're best friends. I've been wanting to go to VidCon with you, but you are afraid. You are afraid to meet people, and you don't know what to do. But I can't go without you. But when your favorite YouTubers, Dan and Phil, make a new Sims 4 video in which the Sim resembles you perfectly, you know it must mean something. You post a comment saying that the Sim resembles you perfectly (you couldn't resist this time). Surprisingly, Dan replies to you. He says "Don't be afraid to meet us :). I want to see you at VidCon this year!" But that's insane! How does he know you and your information? Well... read to find out. (Nothing is owned by me, this is obviously just fanfiction I came up with once at the Y (Don't ask :l) have fun with it :D -EeveeUsedTrumpCard)
        By the way, this is my first fanfiction. Tell me what I need to fix and I'll gladly do so! I never get insulted by the strongest judgement! Thank you for understanding, friend :)
  Highest Rank: #907 in Fanfiction (thanks to you guys!) :D

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My Name's Nat
                              and then i'm gonna go with my surname, [which is Elizabeth btw]  because i freaking 
                              hate my last name
Lmao my name is pretty common so I wouldn't exactly be surprised
But doesn't everyone have sexual fanfiction or is that just me..
My last names pretty simple is pronounced max but spelled macks
sivansexual sivansexual Feb 14
All my aunties are in their sixties. I'm just gonna imagine my sister (she has two kids) lol
Chloe? If Chloe's here where's marinette, alya, adrien, and nino? I WANNA SEE THEM!