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Dick Grayson By BrokenRobin Updated Apr 06

(This is my take on how Robin became Nightwing)
Dick Grayson is a loveable dork, but also a mischief brat. There really is no inbetween for our young bird. But what happens when he gets stabbed by Deathstroke and nearly dies? What will his team think? And how does Dick almost dying, get Deathstroke interested in a new protégé? Is it his new fighting style? Or the fact that no one lives after having an encounter with Slade? Will Dick be able to recover his mind after all this ordeal?  Read and enjoy!!

"No, it's just me. Though I've been told that the resemblance is startling."
                              Pls tell me someone gets this reference
Yeah sure leave the 13-year-old to face highly skilled vilian on his own. Best idea ever