"Shifter" (Being Rewritten & Edited for Publishing!)

"Shifter" (Being Rewritten & Edited for Publishing!)

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E.J. Powell By BloodyRoseThorns Updated Apr 04, 2017

(Amazing cover done by @renesmeewolfe )

Dragon is a nineteen-year-old orphan, she has a secret that leaves her being the only creature in the entire world. Cats used to walk the earth, but after a devastation, Dragon is the only cat human survivor. In order to keep her secret, she is determined to not get closed to anyone. But with a very prideful Alpha male, secrets, lies, love and trust. There's only so much Dragon can do. But to make matters worse, she is the cat of a huge prophecy that only she can fulfill.
5/9 #9 ranked in PROPHECIES. #300 in SHIFTERS. #158 in WATTYS2014. 

Part 1: Shifter- Completed
Part 2: Demon Possessed- Completed
Part 3: Forget Me Not- Completed
Part 4: Beginning of Memories- Completed
Part 4.1: Crystal's Past- Completed
Part 4.2: Abigail's Future- Completed
Part 1: Shifter 2- In Progress

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  • paranormal
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  • romance
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llMiMill llMiMill Nov 23, 2016
Why not something that goes with a cat like name, like Cate or Catherina or...Cat
KajsaSchubeler KajsaSchubeler May 11, 2016
I really like the way you write. 
                              For me it would work better if you started at: 'I wanted to start a fresh away...' And then the information before that got kind of blended into the text. 
                              And I really like her privacy-trip and her nam me change, even though I really like Ashley too.
SoulNova SoulNova Feb 08, 2017
Sounds like something I'd do XD
                              I literally call myself Dragon and others call me Dragon so I would totally do that if I didn't like my actual name!
Nyrala Nyrala Oct 15, 2016
So you were three, and you changed your name? Weird... I'd change it to something like Moss, or Ivy.
-Cobalt- -Cobalt- Dec 12, 2014
Thanks for the dedication!!! I thought you wouldn't like the cover- :P I guess you did. Once again, thanks.
Spooky_Spaghetti Spooky_Spaghetti Apr 18, 2014
I was about to read it until I read the whole "Save mankind" thing.