I'm Not A Stalker

I'm Not A Stalker

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This is the first phanfic of my 'Stalker Series' - 
1st phanfic : I'm Not A Stalker (completed)
2nd phanfic: Be My Stalker (completed)
3rd phanfic: I'm your stalker (ongoing)


Dan Howell is a young teenager, he has many thoughts and many questions about the world and life. He spends every night fighting a exstestential crisis and then going onto the wonderful place known as the internet. 

One day (after watching a SMOSH video) he came across a boy called AmazingPhil, and after clicking on the black and white video labeled 'Phil's Video Blog' he knew that he fell in love.

So then it happened. Dan became obssesed with this British, side fringed stranger online that he only ever heard or seen by a simple video that got uploaded whenever.

With his obsession Dan dove down trying to find anything to help him contact his love. Until he found a email address....

(yes this is set in the now time only because I want to add modern stuff and shizz)

Since I'm reading this again I'm kind of tempted to revote on all the chapters even though they're already all voted on
TemTemDog TemTemDog Oct 10, 2016
Okay now you are one cause you just said that for the Millionth time xD OM E GERD RED ALERT RED ALERT WE GOT A LYING BISH
101bluejay 101bluejay Oct 14, 2016
Because your a fan fiction character I'm allowed to spoil your own life!!
                              SPOILER ALERT, YOUR GONNA FÛCKEN HATE COLLAGE!
101bluejay 101bluejay Oct 14, 2016
What? No! I wasn't searching the internet desperately for your email address! Ha ha ha! Ha...
futuristic_geek futuristic_geek Nov 13, 2016
Omg Dan you're obvs a stalker if you keep saying you're not a stalker gosh
101bluejay 101bluejay Oct 14, 2016
That sounds really sexual dan. Why don't you just mail yourself.