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I'm oki By Little-author-boy Updated Jun 12, 2016

It was garroth's first day in highschool he was nervous he had never gone to a public school    . Garroth had only been home schooled along with his younger brothers zane and vlyad.

Garroth's pov:

We arrived at the highschool it was just a way down the road.

"Have a good day my sons" my father said

"I will dad" zane and vylad said in unison

"Garroth!!!!" My father shouted

"What" I said

"Have a good day"

"Yeah whatever" I replied

"Garroth you should never speak to father like that." Zane said

"Why should I care how I talk to people" I replied

"Remember garroth the p and m" vylad said

"No enlighten me" I said sarcasticly

"Politeness and manners" they both said in unison

"Would you shut up people would think your twins"

"Garroth why did you..." Zane whined

"Leave me alone." I said angrily as I walked into the reception

"Welcome how may I help you" the receptionist said

"I came to get my timetable." I said

"Name" she said

"Garroth Ro'meave"

"Here you are" she said hand...

I think Zane and Garroth switched bodys or this is a Au then like Garroth said...enlighten me! ^^
                              ME: AS A CIRCLE
                              LAURENCE: CIRCLES  AREN'T STRAIGHT!
                              ME: YEAH! NOR ARE YOU!
Whatismylife1220 Whatismylife1220 Nov 04, 2016
Zane gets in trouble for skipping class to make out with Travis