A New Start (Ryuko X Reader)

A New Start (Ryuko X Reader)

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Y/N was a normal kid...almost. He got abused by his father but other then that he was a normal kid

His dad and him live by a school named Honnouji Academy (it's normal not like post apocalyptic) and when he starts to attend there he meets two girls named Mako Mankanshoku And Ryuko Matoi

He takes a liking to Ryuko but with him cutting himself would it be too late

(Note) like I said before its normal

Key: Y/N - Your name. E/C - Eye color. H/C - Hair Color. F/C - Favorite Color. L/N - Last name

Any others will be at the top of the chap

If it's hell then where's hitler...or is father hitler? If so god help me
M4rionette M4rionette Nov 10, 2016
he calls me this: red rainbow (my left is red and my right is rainbow)