A New Start (Ryuko X Reader)

A New Start (Ryuko X Reader)

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Y/N was a normal kid...almost. He got abused by his father but other then that he was a normal kid

His dad and him live by a school named Honnouji Academy (it's normal not like post apocalyptic) and when he starts to attend there he meets two girls named Mako Mankanshoku And Ryuko Matoi

He takes a liking to Ryuko but with him cutting himself would it be too late

(Note) like I said before its normal

Key: Y/N - Your name. E/C - Eye color. H/C - Hair Color. F/C - Favorite Color. L/N - Last name

Any others will be at the top of the chap

  • abused
  • cuts
  • killlakill
  • mako
  • ryuko
  • xreader
infamy4life infamy4life Jul 25
If it's hell then where's hitler...or is father hitler? If so god help me
Samesodo Samesodo Oct 08
Student:What was the health problem?
                              Me:The gay bomb was dropped
Samesodo Samesodo Oct 08
Really because the amount of abuse would result in criminal charges
M4rionette M4rionette Nov 10, 2016
he calls me this: red rainbow (my left is red and my right is rainbow)