Torn Apart (A Kylo Ren x Reader)

Torn Apart (A Kylo Ren x Reader)

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The Kylo Ren By kylo__ren Updated May 19

Being with the Resistance wasn't always easy, you were continously faced with obstacles. One obstacle being your love, the one you had loved since the very beginning. 

"He's gone" you say, trying hard to convince yourself that the one you had loved had turned. He'd turned into such a terrible monster you couldn't bare to think about it.
 "Ben Solo is gone"


《There are a few direct quotes from The Force Awakens, so those words do not belong to me.》

《This is MY own work so, simply do not steal it and we won't have any problems.》

《Also I've done most of this story on my phone so I apologize for any autocorrects and typos in advance.》