But its not your's

But its not your's

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Kristen Bryanna By kristen_bryanna Updated Mar 13

Have you ever taken a look at the "Family Planning" section in the pharmacy section of Walmart? It's almost ironic. You have your Condoms and other brith control methods, then Your Plan B Pills and then the Pregnancy tests. So it varies from " wrap it before you tap it" to "Fuck I forgot to Wrap it" to "uber fuck not only did I not wrap it but I didn't take the pill either". 

Funny huh? 

I don't exactly remember a whole lot about that night. It's more of a blessing that way. All I know is now two months later I sit on the countertop of my bathroom waiting for this damn stick I just peed on to tell me if I'm completely screwed or not. 

Nothing about that night was consensual, it was rape and there was no other way to categorize it. But that didn't change anything if I was pregnant. It would still be my baby and had accepted that. 

I pick up the box with shaking hands and read the instructions for the fourth or fifth time since I had locked myself in the bathroom. 

It always read the same thing - wait three minutes for the results. I had used five fucking tests just to make sure that I didn't get a bad one. The woman that checked me out gave me a pity look that was still sketched into my brain. 


I glanced at the time on my phone and noticed it had been not three minutes, but seven. I inhaled a deep breath before hopping of the counter and peered down at all five of the test.


All five had double pink lines.

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akates100 akates100 Jul 04, 2017
I love her name it reminds me kf princess and the frog and Raymond but you can call him rah
Mkb122391 Mkb122391 May 10
A few grammer mistakes and misspelled words but over all not a bad read!
easyflowers easyflowers Feb 08, 2017
He's going to black mail her into mating with her she he can become Alpha?
                              Sorry,just a little theory
easyflowers easyflowers Feb 08, 2017
                              Tell her 
                              Don't confide 
                              Don't be like Elsa and 
                              Conceal,don't feel,don't let it show 
                              Like NOOOO
santosa116 santosa116 Apr 10, 2016
Please continue writing this story im already loving it..... Please keep writing it
lost_forlee lost_forlee Aug 08, 2016
Sadly this is me when I see new people oh yeah that's why i don't have friends 😂😂